‘Panache Vigorous’ by Irfendy Mohamad.

"Vigorous is a form language inspired by the firewood which emphasizes of natural transformation and energetic behavior. The essences of expression from a plain birch wood burning towards super architecture elements are creating an unpredictable form motion. Manifested in form, rock burnish sculptured, motion of layering wood and hard skin at the low part provide the main aesthetic values that create a new philosophy of identity. The harmonize of these three methods express an invaluable combination towards the elegance of explode sculptured.”

Regarding on this workshop, we are required to select an inspirational object to be used for analyzing a form expressions and their semantics. It is focus to understand about creating a new form of identity, explore semantics, new materials and production technique. Otherwise, imagine that we are part of designers team that responsible to evolve a new form language of a certain brand.

Based on the methods, we generate a concept design by doing analysis and synthesis to produce a new form language and distinctive value into a transportation design context. As experimental study, we established a few physical sculptures to identify and understand of each element to create a real expression. Furthermore, a collage sketch study is a best way to create a new visualization from abstract elements which evolving a new form language that never before.