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MARU Concept

Possibly in 2040, world is changing efficiently, freedom and beyond connectivity. Future practicality, lifestyle and demand will birth of human- cyborg, freedom ride mobility, advanced infrastructures and high speed delivery. Meanwhile, bilateral development between urban and sub- urban is crucial for future income growth as well as creating a new potential in each region. Looking into foresight of 20 years onwards, scientists and researchers has predict about what would happen in this era especially when we associate with future mobility and infrastructure. Recently, authorities and transportation organization had emphasized about certain potential on ridesharing vehicle, autonomous mobility and car ownership that can be a best solution for the traveling method, even pollutions and congestion in the future. Based on my study, I found some potential that it might reflect on the future mobility and lifestyle. Basically, we had read news about European region negotiates on gasoline’s ban and personal car enter to the city. The reason is clear to ensure of downsizing method against pollution and car congestion. Moreover, it gives a significant impact to society by decreasing a traveling cost in daily journey. Besides, do you ever imagine that all cities, malls and branches will build up in vertical direction towards the sky? In fact, it can save a land space and create a smart city instead. Artificial Intelligent (Ai) and smart robotic will conquer many job in the future especially banking, manufacturing, safety, road traffic and public transportation to ensure all system operates faster and efficiently. Like example, if all mobility, home and skyscrapers will communicate in a digital way, it will stay connected and send a quick notification between them if there have in-coming danger onwards. All platforms will change dramatically to adapt on environmental situation. As a summary, human will spend more time wandering, online monitoring and enhance the networking system between human and Ai. It’s encourages people to explore a new discovery and more bonding time with family. 

Nevertheless, as we know that rapid development will cause environmental changing especially on mobility, infrastructure and environment. Most young family decides to live in the city while middle- age family prefers to live at sub- urban area, thanks to high speed hyperloop. Lack of lightweight vehicle and mini mobility which connecting between home and destination is become the crucial topic in this project. People use more energy to commute through abundant circumstances like bad weather condition and transfer a lot of subway to reach destination. Sometimes, youth will take initiative to ride a bicycle, skateboard and unicycle wheel to move freely in the short trip, but the space is limited. Luckily, there still have an option like Uber and rideshare service to avoid complex journey. It would be the most common service in the future.  However, I raise my consciousness about traveling method for more relevant vehicle to avoid much transit, more privacy space and intentionally reduce daily journey become one way trip only. 

Most of human job is operated by Ai. People will work wandering as long as they have reachable network and smart devices on the Go. Youth need mini capsule to keep them moving from A to B efficiently and avoid any bad circumstances in daily journey.

I proposed a smart personal mobile for 1 passenger which comes in both driving mode; autonomous and manual mode. It’s called, “Maru Wheel” Concept. It aims for youth Gen which live temporarily in the city and stay in the weekend with parent at sub- urban area. In additional, I’d invented autonomous X minivan concept that able to carry Maru Wheels inside it to reduce energy consumption and congestion. Furthermore, X Minivan Service is recommended for travelling in a short distance. In other word, this system is categorized as “Car Ride Car” concept. Maru Wheel is freedom to drive by itself in the short trip and even fetch your kids autonomously from school. It was inspired by animal’s mother carries their babies inside of its body like frog, crocodile and arowana. It is very fascinating to see them traveling from nest to surrounding area. Since I had explored Japan, local people are highly conscious on private space. They created a smart pod for personal usage like manga cafĂ© and capsule hotel to maximize a small space. It is very convenience and practical for tourist since it’s provide a bunch of facilities inside of the premise like food machine, laundry and shower pod.