Friday, September 12, 2014

This CAD modelling is refinement based on my previous project with Audi. I take initiative to visualize the overall design in 3d perspective. 

Fascinating experience by involving in design development with Glohh UK to produce customize rear light part for Range Rover Sport. 

Toyota i- Bento was developed during my summer internship at Toyota Boshoku, Japan. It targets for future sharing mobility in Japan by 2030. Regarding on the rising population and tourist which visit to Japan by 2020 (Olympic) until 2030, Japanese people need an autonomous mobility that helps local people and tourist to communicate in private and social way to balance the mobility system while moving and advanced living in future Japan.

Southeast Asia consumers face hot weather and high humidity throughout the year. The cars currently sold there are not compatible with such environment. Climate change is creating even more challenges for mobility in the region. Traditional architecture and modern technology heavily influenced my design process. Vehicle dimensions were defined by observing the market behavior. The goal became to design a compact SUV that was aesthetically authentic, and that could handle the harsh tropical climate in a more sustainable way. A special cooling system informs the design of both exterior and interior of the vehicle.

Audi innove concept is a fun type of vehicle for young executive that interest in a heroic driving experience, having a memorable journey and innovative functionality in commuting between work place and home. The design concept is a minimalism, precision and innovation which inspired by the simplicity of iphone shape. Nowadays, most of sophisticated user has their personal belonging such as smart phone, travel bag and hi-tech gadget for connecting and inspiring people. As a heroic vehicle, the roof panel is adjustable for couple seat and completely close while its parked.!prettyPhoto