BMW X Vision 2022
I had envisaged about future of X family design language towards 5 years and more. In this project, I did it in a short term to study about any potential a new design direction for X product. I believe, BMW should update a new aesthetic and fresh look to win the SUV competition in the whole market companies and also, remains unique character and well- known design. My concept, I called it “Flood”. It shows clearly about separation between upper and bottom part in kind of material, functionality, proportion and styling.  I believe, on this initial study able to recognize something special and fresh idea to enhance on X vision product. 

Mazda Escape Vision Concept 2030.
The main intention in this sketching process was to develop a Mazda's design philosophy raise up into the next level. Kodo design is still remain focused on Mazda design which to seek a new way of how the vehicle looks connected and relationship between driver and car itself whilst its moving even stand still. Even it is quite conservative approaches, however Mazda always trusted brand by enthusiast driver around the globe. Nothing would fascinating me to see Mazda bring out Japanese tradition towards high performance and pleasure into the future of driving.